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April 2, 2013 Deadly Walkers

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The donations aren’t refundable and the rewards will be delivered in future (after the release of the FULL version).


THANKS PACK: A digital thank you email by the game developers!

ART PACK: All above rewards + The digital art pack of the game: virtual card, PC wallpaper, buddy icon and forum avatar!

GAME PACK: All above rewards + A DRM-Free digital download of the FULL version!

BETA PACK: All above rewards + Digital download of the BETA version + 4$ off to buy INFECTED: the zombie book, published by James Schannep, with 3 unique storylines and over 50 possible endings!

AUDIO PACK: All above rewards + The digital soundtrack of the game with the 10 official tracks and two exclusive tracks not available in the game!

BOOK PACK: All above rewards + The digital art book of the game with exclusive images and contents, signed by the developers!

SPONSOR PACK: All above rewards + A special thank you, with your name or company logo, in the game’s credits and on the Website!