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April 2, 2013 Deadly Walkers

Donate now to support the development of Deadly Walkers… you will get great rewards!

To make a donation click the PayPal banner on the right side.

The donations aren’t refundable and the rewards will be delivered in future (after the release of the FULL version).

THANKS PACK: A digital thank you email by the game developers!

ART PACK: All above rewards + The digital art pack of the game: virtual card, PC wallpaper, buddy icon and forum avatar!

GAME PACK: All above rewards + A DRM-Free digital download of the FULL version!

BETA PACK: All above rewards + Digital download of the BETA version + 4$ off to buy INFECTED: the zombie book, published by James Schannep, with 3 unique storylines and over 50 possible endings!

AUDIO PACK: All above rewards + The digital soundtrack of...

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Updates of January

January 9, 2013 Deadly Walkers  No comments

To celebrate a great 2013 we will delight you with a lot of updates!

We have opened the Group on Steam and in the next weeks we will start:

– Kickstarter Campaign
The crowdfunding campaign that allows us to build this great zombie FPS, but only with your support we will be able to complete it.

– Page on Steam Greenlight
We will add Deadly Walkers in the biggest player community! The game will needs all your support to be officially accepted on the Steam store.

– The 2nd Video
A new exciting video with a lot of zombies and a London under quarantine. We will show a First version of the gameplay!

– The Game Newspaper

Read what it’s happened in London the days before and after the begin of the plague!
You will download the newspaper in PDF for free!

Deadly Walkers: Zombie FPS

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