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Deadly Walkers: Zombie FPS in 3D

November 7, 2012 Deadly Walkers  2 comments

Deadly Walkers is 100% gore, action and death… a zombie FPS that carries you in a new dimension of scare! It will give you the feel and the breathless emotions of the greatest zombie movies, like Dawn of the Dead (1978). For the First time ever you will fight against real zombies… hordes of undead creatures that slowly will surround you to chew you up! Through your fire weapons you will be able to mutilate and injure their bodies, but only shooting to their head you will kill them!

Through the eyes of a special forces soldier, the game tells the story, of an apocalyptic plague spreading in the city of London. Nobody knows what is happening in the city… why people are dying… why they are becoming undead creatures! All is has happened so fast, the day after an important meeting of the Labora...

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